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What is the expected shelf life of aspirin? I found a couple partial bottles from 04 and 05. They had not been stored in the classic 'cool dry place".

I would not use them for storage or kits, but could use them up now and let the newer stuff go into storage. I really don't use that much of it.


Citizen Zero:
Here's an interesting bit that I found on the shelf life of aspirin:

Bayer has never tested aspirin beyond four years, Mr. Allen says. But Jens Carstensen has. Dr. Carstensen, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin's pharmacy school, who wrote what is considered the main text on drug stability, says, "I did a study of different aspirins, and after five years, Bayer was still excellent. Aspirin, if made correctly, is very stable."

The entire article can be found here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks, CZ !

Good to know.  Aspirin is by far the best and safest pain killer IMO.  A couple of provisos.  Do not use aspirin if you are on a blood thinnner such as warfarin.  Also, I have heard rumors that there are a very few people that are actually allergic to aspirin.  I don't know if that one is true as I have never met such a person.

On the plus side, it is as Dr. Carstensen says, a very stable drug and has uses beyond pain management.  An 81 milligram Bayer aspirin is recommended for someone suspected of having a heart attack.  Apparently, the blood thinning characteristics of aspirin helps reduce damage from a heart attack.  Further, apparently 81 mg is the optimum dose for this.  Don't quote me on this one.  Those statements are based on information gleaned from Bayer commercials and as such are not reliable as anything but a sales tool.

I will try to find a citable source for those statements and will post it here if I find it.

Yes, some people are allergic to has salicylate in it.  There are also foods which people who have an aspirin allergy should avoid.  Herbal Teas being one drink, certain vegetables such as:  cauliflower, mushrooms, spinaches, zuchini, broccoli..., peanuts and almonds and believe it or not, icecream.  There are other foods and condiments, but when a person finds out that they have this allergy, they usually are given a list of things to avoid or eat also should avoid willow bark....this was the "original" do I know sister has a salicylate allergy!

As for it being a blood thinner...this is correct also, my father takes one a day....and he had surgery today on his neck (two rods and plates inserted into his spine) and he had to be off the aspirin 10 days before the doctor would operate on him.  You take the risk of bleeding out when you are on any type of blood thinner....aspirin, coumadin, warfarin, my workplace, we are not allowed to use disposable razors on anyone who is being medicated with any type of blood thinner...the risk of nicking them is too great.  We use electric razors.


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